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SIMPLE FACT: Human faces attract clicks… and conversions!

From: Pat Flanagan

If you’re like any other online marketer, your income depends largely on your ads getting clicked. When those clicks don’t happen and your ad gets lost in a sea of other ads, your income starts to plummet. What can you do?

It’s a proven tested fact that human faces on online ads not only increase click rates, they increase the conversion of the offer the clicks are sent to, even when no face appears on the landing page!

Here’s a perfect example…

LightReading.com ran an A/B split test for an online subscription campaign. They tested two banners with the exact same text, one banner with a picture of their newsletter, the other with a picture of the site’s editor. The banner with the face picture on it scored almost twice as many clicks… 3.5 times as many leads… and DOUBLE the conversion rate!

And the editor isn’t even a pretty girl… he’s a heavy set dude in a bowler hat! (Source)

But Don’t Grab Faces From Google Images!

You may think you can just grab some pictures from somewhere online, but that is copyright infringement which can get super expensive — marketer James Jones had to pay $3400 just to settle an ACCIDENTAL infringement case with Getty Images.

Or maybe you think get a $1 cheap-o stock photo somewhere… but using the image in this way could easily be outside of their cheap license, requiring you to buy one that’s much more expensive.

That’s where CA$HFACES comes in!

CA$HFACES is 300 attractive faces in various expressions from smiling to seductive, all fully licensed and in a huge variety of useful sizes, ready for virtually any use:

And they aren’t just for advertisements… use CA$HFACES on:

  • Sales pages
  • Avatars & Gravatars
  • Testimonial lists
  • Splash graphics
  • Digital boxcovers
  • eBook covers

…anywhere where you want to leverage our built-in tendency to look at other people’s face on a page. Use your imagination! Our extremely liberal license allows you to use CA$HFACES for any of your own in-house projects or any projects you create for your clients! The only thing you can’t do is resell or giveaway the original package, in part or in whole. Otherwise… it’s all fair game!

Want to see some samples?

Guess what, you’ve already seen them — I guarantee you looked at them in the header at the top of this page, didn’t you. They ARE effective at getting and holding your attention. :)

…But here are a few examples of the beautiful models inside this valuable graphics package:

And here’s the best part…

CA$HFACES are so new and fresh, you’re among the FIRST to see it. Need a special size that we don’t already include? Let us know and we’ll add it to our size list! You get free updates for life, so you’ll be sure to get the exact sizes you need. Just be sure to confirm your subscription to our updates email list ao you’ll be notified when we release updates.

CA$HFACES will be going up in price very soon…


Ca$hFaces Volume 1